White-lipped Pearl Oyster Makie -Lotus Passage 白蝶貝蒔絵 蓮の通い路

White-lipped Pearl Oyster Makie -Lotus Passage 白蝶貝蒔絵 蓮の通い路

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国内送料無料! Free International Shipping! Size:18.5×15×3cm Material : White-lipped pearl oyster, Urushi, Gold 素材:白蝶貝、漆、金 白蝶貝の輝きを背景に、高蒔絵で蓮池の風景と蛙のいる風景を対で描きました。妄想恋歌です。 【かわず恋歌】 目覚めた蛙の恋をして 文を書くのは月の下 蛍の明かりで読みふける 極楽浄土の蓮の池 通い路はらり散りぬれば 早やつれなきは秋の風 心に霜の凍みゆけば また巡りくる暖かな 春を夢見て土の中 A scene of a lotus pond and a scene with frogs are drawn in a pair by Taka-Makie on the background of the brilliance of a white butterfly shell. This is a fantasy love song. [Kawazu Love Song] I am in love with a frog that has awakened, and I write under the moon, and I read by the light of fireflies, the lotus pond in the Pure Land of Paradise, and if the pathways are scattered, and if the frost freezes in my heart, I dream of the warm spring that will come again, and I am in the earth. 【注意点】  油汚れはスポンジや柔らかい布等で水洗いしてください。台所用の中性洗剤をご使用いただいても構いません。洗った後は必ず乾いた布で水気を拭取ってください。漆は紫外線により劣化が進むため、保管場所は直射日光のあたらない場所をお勧めします。 Notes:  Wash grease stains with water using a sponge or soft cloth. You may use a neutral detergent for kitchen use. After washing, be sure to wipe off the water with a dry cloth. Since Urushi deteriorates due to ultraviolet rays, it is recommended to store the product out of direct sunlight.